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GOTEX® Since 1987

GOTEX® has been a renowned top quality trusted brand name in  Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, HDPE, Synthetic Filament Yarns, Fiber, Threads and their value added products such as Tape, Netting, Lace, Mesh, Filter Cloth, Cord, Rope, Non Woven Fabric, etc. being used for various and different types of technical or industrial applications for last four decades.

GOTEX® being the pioneer in Monofilament Yarns since 1987.

Gotex® Transparent Thread comes in all variety of Nylon and Polyester Single Ply/Mono Filament Yarns in various Sizes Denier and Colors used for Apparel Garments Stitching, Knitting, Weaving,

Hosiery, Embroidery, FlyKnit, Lace, Mesh Fabric, Netting, Sarees, Velcro, Jackard Upholstery, Furnishing Cloth, Belt, Tyre Cord, Twine Braided Tape, Luggage Cloth, Elastic, Blinds, Cable, Footwear, Carpet, Rugs, Technical/Engineering Mesh, Geo Textile Agriculture Wire Mesh etc.. 

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